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What Flowers Can You Give to Your Boyfriend

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Many people consider it inappropriate to give flowers to a man and women avoid giving such present to their boyfriends or husbands. Perhaps, it is the fact that flowers are considered to be more feminine and are often a symbol of beauty and femininity. However, there are some flowers , which are unique and can be used as a present for men as well. If your husband or boyfriend has a birthday and you want to add to his present with something beautiful like a flower, you can use the list of ideas given in this article. If you think that giving flowers to a man will be a great mistake, look at the list of ideas and choose which kind of flower is the most favorite one of your husband or boyfriend. After all, it is important to present a gift , which your loved one will like. Remember that, just like you love being appreciated and admired , men also like to be shown love and appreciation.

Classical red rose
Red roses have always been a classical sign of love and passion. For a long time lovers have used red roses to convey their true love. Everyone knows the meaning of red roses, and the message you send when you give this flower. A beautiful and meaningful gift for your boyfriend and husband will be to give him one red rose, which conveys deep and true love. Although, a bouquet of roses definitely makes a great present, a single rose is more appropriate to give to a man.

Symbolizing the sun and joy, sunflowers are not exactly feminine flowers, some may say that they are even masculine. You can give your husband a sunflower for a well done job or just to congratulate him a successful day at work. This flower could also add to your present for his birthday or a Valentine’s day present. Truth is , a sign of appreciation and gratefulness will make your man happy and it is a great way for you to show your feelings.

Anastasia Mums
Although , Anastasia mums are not among the most widely used flowers , they could make a great surprise for your husband. With their unique form and the joyous color yellow, you can make your man smile and feel happy. It is a good idea to present these flowers in the morning, with which you will say: ‘’Have a nice day at work’’. It will keep your husband’s good mood during the whole day, picturing the beautiful and joyful flowers.

King Protea Flower
Show your husband that he is the king of the house and of your heart, by giving him these beautiful king Protea flowers. It is not surprising that they carry this name, because their shape resembles the king’s crown.  Having such a meaningful and unique shape, this flower symbolizes the strong and powerful character of the man. You can give these flowers to your husband for his birthday , to remind him that no matter how many years have passed , he will always be the king of the house and of your heart.

If you want to surprise your man with beautiful flowers there are several things you should keep in mind. First of all, men prefer more exotic and oriental arrangement. Consider also the color the flowers; men prefer brighter colors, but not pink and pastels. Don’t choose flowers that are too stylish and gentle , because they symbolize the femininity, not the manhood. If you find it difficult to choose good flowers for your husband or boyfriend , used the ideas given in this article.

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