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Types of Flower Businesses

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Flowers have a big part in people’s lives. With their delicacy, beauty, variety, symbolism and fragrance, they are perfect for gifts and an absolute must for all sorts of occasions. Be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries, flowers have been valued for centuries and the art of choosing the right flower is an important skill. If you value flowers and you recognize the need for them, you might wish to start a flower shop of your own. However, the first thing to determine is the service you are going to provide. Overall, there are three kinds of services connected with flowers:

1. The service of a retail florist is a suitable business option for entrepreneurs that love flowers and also enjoy the communication with clients. A florist’s job is much more than just selling flowers. They sell arrangements of flowers which is a big art; they also sell the symbolism behind the flower and based on their knowledge a customer can find the most suitable flower for the occasion. There are a few ways in which you can approach this business option. The the most important element is the florist’s knowledge and skills for care, arrangements and floral design. This job is quite flexible and it can be truly enjoyable as long as the florist loves what they do. One of the good and convenient sides of this business is that a flower shop can be located literally anywhere: in a shopping mall, in a grocery shop, in the street or even in a hospital. It is also a good idea to open it next to a gift shop or a restaurant. Retails florists have the opportunity to narrow down their services and products and specialize in a particular niche: for weddings, big events, gifts, funerals, etc.

2. A wholesale florist provides fresh flowers and potted plants to retailers – retailers either visit the wholesale market or they get delivery straight to their shops. Some of the wholesalers even grow flowers. This type of business usually requires a few years of experience, the right knowledge and skills and a bigger capital. The wholesaler needs to know the basics of care and maintenance of fresh inventory as well as the basics of supply and transport of flowers. Becoming a wholesaler requires a lot of commitment and is usually a successful undertaking for experienced entrepreneurs.

3. A supplier of floral products sells so called complimentary items, which florists use in their flower arrangements. This business involves supplying florists with ribbons, wrapping paper, floral foam, vases, baskets and many other materials and supplies. If you want to have a flower business, but you can’t see yourself as a grower or a florist, this is the right niche for you. It is a business which needs the right management of inventory, impeccable delivery service and distribution.
Whichever flower business you plunge into, your clients will ask you many questions. Having the basic knowledge of plants, flowers, sorts, soil, light, care and plant nutrition will give you a big advantage. If you lack the right training or education, enroll on a course, read some books and attend seminars. This will only help you become successful quicker.

Furthermore, keep in mind that where your business is located matters a lot. Choose an area that is easily accessible and not too far from town centre. If you can’t afford a shop in central, at least choose a safe area with parking facilities and think whether there is enough space for a possible expansion in the future.

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