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The Types of Roses

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The rose is probably the most famous, the most beautiful and the most special and connected to the most beautiful occasions flower in the world. Very few flowers can match its beautiful, nearly perfect to behold appearance, its stylish protection of thorns and its original, magic and head-spinning aroma that has spawned series of world famous perfume collections. The rose is connected more than any other flower to the most powerful human emotion-love and rightfully so. Queens and kings have covered their beds in roses. Roses where poured down upon heroes from the Colleseum as the crowd was greeting them. The rose is a symbol of everything that is beautiful and powerful at the same time in the known world. There are many types of rose and all of them have different meaning-some more beautiful than others but all of them memorable and spectacular. This article will list for you some of the more famous rose types and their respectful meaning and use in real life.

Angel Face: The Angel Face rose is one of the types of roses that bear perhaps the most powerful odour. This is a rose that you must give to the most beautiful girl you know because only a flower with such a powerful aroma can enchant and spin the head of a girl as much as her beauty made your own head spin.

Bride’s Dream: This is the rose you must give on a special occasion. It also has a very powerful and distinct odour but it is above all else perfect for a woman’s most important celebration-her wedding. The Bride’s Dream rose is used in the Hybrid Tea and several other exotic drinks. This is the smell every girl should remember from the altar.

Bewitched: This type of rose is light pink in its coloration and it is used in the preparation of the Hybrid Tea, contributing greatly for its strong, specific smell. It is also a rose bearing a powerful smell, maybe even more powerful than the Angel Face. If you have a large bouquet of these you can be sure that people will be able to smell it from several meters away at the very least.  

Careless Love: Another rose whose petal particles are being put in the famous Hybrid Tea is the Careless Love kind-a flower perfect for people who are still going out casually simply as a boyfriend and girlfriend, but whose relationship is quite obviously getting stronger and deeper by the minute. This is the rose with which you say “I want to stay with you”.

Captivation: This is a rose of a more specific coloration. It is darker and more mysterious than any other shade of rose red and this is why it is so special. This is the type of rose you must give when you want to be unique and when you want to give the start of a memorable, more extraordinary night.  

Crackling Fire: A rose which also has a more different color, the Cracking Fire kind is different not only for its slightly orange shade of red but also for the occasion for which it is most proper to be delivered. Give this rose when the two of you are alone in the house and when you are simply resting and having a nice conversation about the past. It has to be a calm, tranquil night.

Crazy for You: Perhaps the craziest of all roses and also a flower which perfectly fits its name is the “Crazy for You” rose. This is a flower which is colored in various shades upon its petals-red, pink, yellow, white. The fragrant is neither too strong, nor weak, but will grab your partner in connection with this flower is its looks. This is a flower with which you say-this will be one crazy, memorable night.

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