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There can hardly be anyone who can forget their wedding day and not look back at it with warmest of feelings years after. That’s also when couples realize that the small things really made the wedding beautiful. With so many big tasks to do and such a variety of options to choose from, every wedding becomes an overwhelming event, but as long as you choose a few things right, everything else will go smooth. One of these things is the florist – if the person you choose is a true professional you will have nothing to worry about. The florist can be a person you trust from a local shop or a contact your wedding planner suggests. Either way, make sure you choose wisely.

Flowers have a big role in every wedding. Other things like balloons, bridesmaids and a white dress can be optional, but the flowers are a must. If you want a beautiful wedding, you need to take care of the flowers. There are hundreds of types of flowers that you can choose from, but it’s best to consider a few things: you need hardy flowers that will easily survive a whole day of a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception, you need flowers which are an appropriate choice for such an event and won’t distract the attention too much and you need to consider the theme and the colour of the wedding if there is any. It may not be a wise choice to go for your favourite flowers at all cost as they might not suit the event. The flowers should be easy to decorate the tables with, to make garlands, corsages and bouquets from. The fragrance shouldn’t be very strong as it will clash with the food’s. All these little things are important when you make your choice. There are, of course, some top choices for wedding flowers which florists like to work with and which are suitable for all sorts of decorations and arrangements. Some of them include tulips, roses and calla lilies. Roses are the most romantic flowers, top choice for romantic purposes all over the world. Representing passion and love, roses can be included in beautiful decorations. A red rose is a great contrasting piece to the white bridal gown. The rose is common for weddings because it is diverse and fragrant. You can choose among different colours, sizes and scents. The different colours represent different meanings, with the red being a top choice. Another popular wedding flower is the tulip, associated with new beginnings and hope – it is a great choice for spring weddings. Tulips are available in an array of colours and they can be used for various wedding themes. Calla Lilies are elegant and delicate flowers which can make any wedding more sophisticated. The most common colour choice for weddings is ivory, but calla lilies can be found even in dark purple.

They also vary in size which makes it easier for florists to create various types of decorations. The right choice of wedding flowers doesn’t have to be the most traditional choice – a wedding is a special day for both the bride and the groom. Whatever they feel like is the right choice, should adorn their event. Keep in mind the season, your budget, the theme of the wedding, the colours you prefer and with the assistance of a knowledgeable and crafty florist you will choose your perfect flowers in no time. Remember that a wedding can be traditional, but it can also be unique, so make sure you make yours memorable.

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