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The Top 10 Flower Decorations for the Perfect Bouquet

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A decadent and professional bouquet of flowers is a breath-taking feat, and also, unfortunately, a rather expensive one. Despite that, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own, fabulous bouquets at home. Those who grow some truly spectacular flowers at home can use these easy to find and make ideas to transform a standard bunch into a magnificent gift. For those who aren’t green fingered, you can also decorate a standard plastic bouquet of flowers, transforming them into a unique, completely personal and truly remarkable floral present.

By crystals, we obviously mean pretend ones. These sweet little jewels can be used across everything as decoration, why not stick onto plastic leaves to create a glamorous flower, use to decorate a gift tag with a bit of bling, or transform a clear plastic wrapping into something a little more special.

Ribbon is cheaply and widely available, and you don’t need to be an expert seamstress to make it look fabulous. Head down to your local haberdashery store where you can find ribbon in all types of fabric, pattern and colour. Why not decorate a plastic rose with glamorous black lace, or finish of a bouquet of fresh flowers with a wide sash of satin bow.

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are somewhat an extravagant addition to a bouquet of flowers, and of course, are best left for the plastic variety. Wrap delicate lights around large stems, or curve round a vase for a wonderful light show. If you have a large, indoor plant, a few twists of fairy lights can turn it into a stunning feature.  

Plaques are a great idea to not only decorate, but to personalise your bouquet of flowers. Write on wooden plaques to sign off your creation, or create your own with fabrics and stitching for a natural looking addition to the flowers.

Again, the pretend type is much more economic, and looks exceptional across pretend or real flowers, especially decadent for a formal occasion. Pearls look rich and elegant when draped across lilies, look elegant if filling the bottom of a vase or are striking when used to tie up a bouquet.  

Tiny jewels are a fiddly but glamorous addition to plastic flowers. Decorate the petals with a collection of colours, create a glitzy, glamorous stem, or use as a finishing touch to ribbons and plaques in and around your bouquet.

Feathers are available in a vast range of colours and are a vibrant addition to a bouquet of flowers, use to compliment or contrast against the shades of petals, or tuck inside a bow for a natural, finishing touch.

Much like feathers, small plastic butterflies work to create a beautifully organic and natural scene, as if the great outdoors has been brought into a vase. Try adding to pipe cleaners to tuck into the flowers, or add onto a vase for a creative and delicate touch.

Decorated Pegs
Why not take normal wooden pegs, add a dash of colour and a few jewels and attach to a pipe cleaner. On the peg you can attach a personal message or greeting, or a small photo as a perfect memory. It sits wonderfully in amongst the fabulous colour and can easily be reused.

Water decoration
Finally, if placing your flowers into a vase, why not add a little food dye to spruce us your water colour, and a touch of glitter for a glitzy bouquet. Contrasting colours makes a bold statement, with bright blue flowers resting in vibrant, pink water, and elegant flowers can look perfect against a few sprinkles of gold glitter.

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