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The Best Indoor Flowers to Transform Your Home

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Flowers are a beautiful addition to any home, not only do they add a burst of life into a living space, they also add colour and vibrancy as a burst of bouquet takes centre stage in the home. Bought as a gift either by yourself or as a present from someone else, they act as a poignant reminder of someone special; add an injection of colour and freshness into your life as well as being a perfect form of glamorous decoration to compliment your home.

Perhaps you often visit your local florist to collect beautifully fresh bouquets created by floral experts, or you enjoy scanning the selection of bouquets available at the Supermarket, either way, you enjoy bringing home a warm and welcoming bunch of flowers. However, have you ever thought of growing your own indoors? Indoor plants are much easier to care for than outdoor flowers as you control the conditions and elements. If ever you’ve thought about making your home a bit more floral we’ve got the best flowers for indoor growing.

African violets
A bright and bold houseplant which is almost effortless to grow in the home, they grow all year round with simple and minimal care. Available in a few varieties so you can nurture a beautiful collection of flowers in the home, they flower perfectly at a bright window. Water regularly, but avoid the leaves as it can cause brown spots.

Oddly enough, Poinsettias are the most popular indoor plant in the world! Considering they are symbolic of Christmas and the festive period, this is quite an achievement. It’s no wonder they are popular indoor plants, considering how easy they are to look after and how beautiful they bloom. The most common shade is the vibrant, festive red, but they often bloom later in life in shades of pinks and red. They thrive in cool rooms, with filtered sunlight and minimal water – the perfect winter houseplant.

Oxalis is a relatively easy plant to maintain, though not as laid back concerning maintenance as others, despite this, it is truly a magnificently beautiful flower. Thick foliage of deep violet and triangular leaves nestle below small, white blossom. Oxalis is a very striking plant which will make a beautiful centrepiece in any room. They bloom best in relatively bright light, warm conditions and with moist soil.

Ixora is often referred to as ‘flame of the woods’, primarily down to its warm, vibrant and fiery petals forming in clusters around the plant. Deep, rich green foliage is an interesting contrast against the bright petals and it is a relatively easy plant to maintain. It prefers hot, dry and humid environments so ensure it is in a bright setting, with plenty of light and heat. As a late winter/early spring blossoming flower, its rich colours are particularly warming on a dark, winter’s day.

Rieger Begonia
As a winter blooming indoor plant, Rieger Begonias are beautiful flowers which grow easily indoors with minimal attention. The beautiful rose shaped blooms decorate stunning foliage and thick set roots. As quite a large flower it looks striking as an indoor plant, with a large, set root and blossoming foliage and petals. To care for it you need to pay keen attention to even watering, bright light and stable conditions. As a caution, it can be irritating if it is accidentally eaten, so not as suitable for a family home or a house with pets.

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