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Spring in Full Bloom: a Comprehensive Guide to Spring Flowers

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The majority of flowers will start to blossom in either the Spring or Summer season’s.  Here is a list of the more common flowers that you can grow, or buy, and plant into your garden:
•    Begonia:  whilst this is commonly used as a houseplant, it does fair well outside if given the right conditions, furthermore, it comes in a range of colours.

•    Bluebells:  officially called Hyacinthoides non-scripta, these blue/lavender coloured drooping bells are beautiful and slightly fragranced.

•    Cherry Blossom: whilst this is a tree, it flowers every year and looks spectacular, boasting arrays of pink tones.

•    Dahlia: the shapes, patterns and colours of these larger flowers vary widely making them an exciting addition to the garden. This is the most commonly grown flower for ‘flower shows’

•    Daffodils: the sprouting of daffodils symbolises to most of us, that the start of the Spring season is upon us. Available in bright yellows and pure whites, daffodils are a must for yoru garden.

•    Freesia: Loved for its unique citrus scent, this elegant long stemmed flower is ideal both for your garden and freshly cut for a vase in your home.

•    Geranium: There are a number of geranium species which are commonly used in gardens and landscape.  This flower is also used in pharmaceutical products.

•    Gerberas: Vibrant in colour and big in size, these flowers make a massive impact to gardens and bouquets alike.  Widely used with florists and landscapers, these flowers will brighten up your garden.

•    Heath (Erica):  These scrubs, or small trees boast lots of gorgeous, tiny flowers in a range of colours.  With over 700 species of Erica plants available you are sure to find something suitable to your garden.

•    Hyacinth: Its strong fragrance makes this a beautiful addition to the garden, coming in many colours that will blend in with the bedding or borders of your garden. This also makes a lovely cut flower, almost filling a vase by itself.

•    Irises: Iris means rainbow, and the flowers are one of the most common garden plants we see.  The colour of these flowers ranges from blues/purples, to whites/yellows, pinks/oranges, brown/red and even black, delicate and colourful, these flowers are one of the few to look good alone.

•    Jasmine: Has an unusual and distinctive fragrance that sets it apart from other flowers.  Found mainly in tropical conditions, this is a common garden flower all over the globe.

•    Lilacs: These purple and lilac flowers look stunning in the garden, furthermore they have a lovely and pleasant fragrance making your garden feel more welcoming.

•    Marigolds: Have a very strong scent, they are most commonly yellow, orange and gold in colour, however, they do come in a range of different colours. This flower has recently started being used within cosmetic treatment.

•    Magnolia: Magnolia trees blossom with large, stunning flowers, surrounded by complimentary foliage and leaves.  Ideal to border against the back fence of your garden.

•    Orchids: These delicate, fragile looking flowers are actually very adaptable making them an ideal garden plant.  

•    Poppy: poppies are available in a range if different sizes, bright in colour and stunning in appearance, this is often the forgotten flower when it comes to household gardens, yet it is one of the most attractive.

•    Pansies: Are one of the most beautifully fragranced flowers available, and are therefore very common plants in gardens and landscapes.  Available in a range of colours these beautiful flowers are sure to be the finishing touch to your garden.

•    Roses: Roses have been symbolic of love and romance for some time now, globally recognised, these are a common garden plant and are often the centre pieces of landscaped gardens. Furthermore, roses make beautiful cut flowers for an arrangement to put in a vae inside your home.