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Spring Flowers NOT to Pick for Your Wedding

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Wedding Flower ArrangementsChoosing flowers for your wedding is easy right? Wrong! Even if you think you know exactly what flowers you want at your spring wedding, you may be surprised to learn that the blooms you had your heart set on are simply not suitable. Imagine planning your wedding theme around the flowers you so desperately want at your wedding only to discover that these flowers don’t bloom in spring, or will wilt at the slightest touch. Avoid floral heartache by using our comprehensive guide to what flowers NOT to choose to your spring wedding, and save yourself a lot of time and regret.


Sorry to burst your bubble but although sunflowers are an amazing flower which would undoubtedly bring a delicious ray of sunshine into your nuptial proceedings, these are not a wise choice for a spring wedding. Sunflowers are at their best between July and September, meaning that sunflowers in spring will not be at their freshest. And as if that wasn’t enough, sunflowers are actually full of pollen which will not go down too well with your guests that have allergies!


Is that another groan we hear? Yes, unfortunately, these beautiful flowers are yet again an enemy of those with allergies. The good news is that if you really do want these flowers to feature you can compromise by excluding them from table centrepieces, buttonholes, and bouquets and feature them solely in the bridal bouquet if you really must have them at your wedding.

Lilies and Dogs are a No-no

Beautiful as they are if you plan to have your furry best friend at your wedding, avoid lilies at all costs. Various types of lilies are toxic to dogs, some mildly and others, fatally. Even if your dog is the most obedient of critters, do you really want to take the chance that you could be spending the best part of your Big Day at the vets rather than celebrating becoming a newly-wed? We didn’t think so. Keep lilies and dogs far away from each other, and choose between having your favourite flowers at your wedding, or your beloved pet join in the celebrations.

Hydrangeas at an Outdoor Wedding

Bridal BouquetsBefore you turn away in disbelief that these popular wedding flowers could be on this list, discover why these blooms should not feature at your outdoor wedding this spring. Although hydrangeas look immensely robust, their petals are actually quite fragile. A single gust of wind could have you carrying a sorry-looking bouquet down the aisle instead of a gorgeous bouquet of wedding blooms. Hydrangeas also need a lot of water to maintain them, so unless you are prepared to take a risk, or to spend a lot of time keeping on top of the watering, avoid these flowers for your spring wedding.


Some couples jump at the chance to have an outdoor wedding, yet again, you need to be careful which flowers you choose for the celebrations if you intend to say I Do al fresco. They are certainly a beautiful flower, but the gardenia tends to brown quite easily, especially when faced with the elements. Avoid these for outdoor weddings and you won’t have to worry about your table displays and bouquets wilting early.

Peonies for a Budget Wedding

Although very popular, it is not always wise to select peonies as your main wedding flower during spring. Peonies can be extremely expensive, even during the spring months, which is one reason not to choose them. These flowers are also prone to bruising and unless you are going to be extremely careful about what you do with them during and after the ceremony, you will want to choose a lower-maintenance bloom.

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