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Spring Flowers in Funeral Arrangements

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Spring Flowers in Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Spring Flower ArrangementChoosing flowers for funerals can be tricky. The beautiful tradition of expressing your feelings and sympathy with flowers, can be overshadowed by a worry that an incorrect choice might portray an emotion that was not intended.

Funeral flowers are most often used in funeral wreaths and baskets. A good way to liven up these traditional compositions is by adding spring flowers. Being more colourful, these flowers can offer as much sentiment as the more traditional flower choices.

To offer some of the best choices for funerals, this guide will explore 5 different flowers and their symbolic meaning. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision when choosing flowers for different funeral arrangements.


These bell-shaped flowers are one of the best spring flowers that can be used in funeral wreaths and baskets. While white hyacinths can help to express empathy, blue and violet colours help to express faithfulness and commitment. Choosing hyacinths in these colours will help you showcase your sympathies, assuring the receiver that you are going to be by their side.


Tulips can be very fragile, yet very elegant funeral flowers. Their meaning is strongly associated with their colour. Red, pink and cream coloured tones are usually advised for funeral tributes, as they help to portray deep and eternal love. Tulips in more vibrant yellow colours symbolise positivity, which can help to provide mourners with comfort while going through a difficult time.


If you want to add a bright pop of colour to your funeral baskets, daffodils should be your choice. A symbol of renewal, new beginnings and forgiveness, these flowers are great for expressing your appreciation for life. Similar to yellow tulips, daffodils can bring a sense of hope when incorporated in funeral arrangements.


Crocus are not a very common choice for funeral flowers. However, these beautiful spring flowers have a diverse meaning associated with them, including gladness. These flowers usually come in three main colours - purple, white and yellow - and the meaning between these colours is mostly interchangeable. Adding crocus to flower arrangement will add a touch of cheerfulness showcasing your appreciation to someone’s life and gratitude for having a chance to know them.

Spring Flowers Arrangement for FuneralsBluebell

Blossoming in late April and early may, bluebells have a lot of spirituality attached to their meaning. Symbolising gratitude and humility, bluebells are often associated with constancy and everlasting love. If you are limited to one type of flower for your funeral wreaths and want to keep it simple, bluebells are a great choice.

Make Your Choice

Using any of these spring flowers in funeral baskets can be a great way to add a personal touch to the compositions and really express your emotions. These flowers can be used in combination or on their own to showcase your feelings of love, gratitude, empathy and constancy.

If you are not sure how to incorporate these flowers and have trouble making a choice, check with your florist. They will be able to provide you with advice not only for funeral wreaths and baskets, but also for funeral flower delivery.

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