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Say It With A Bloom- The Hidden Meaning Behind Flowers

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If there is an emotion or a sentiment that you want to convey to someone, flowers are a beautiful way of expressing the same. Not only are flowers beautiful and cheerful and loved by everyone, they are also a universally accepted and appropriate gesture for any kind of occasion or situation.

Did you know that flowers have hidden meanings associated with them? Some flowers are perfect for expressing sympathy while others are for saying you’re sorry. Some flowers are meant to say thank you to people who have bettered your life while others are intended to be a gesture of encouragement. Don’t get confused! This article will help you express yourself perfectly!

How did the secret language of flowers come into being? Experts trace it back to the Victorian era, when people used flowers to convey secret meanings and messages. Back then, it was not the norm to be expressive and open about one’s feelings and thoughts, and so, people made do with flowers. The beauty of quietly conveying sentiments through flowers continues to linger even today, though we are less fussy about the details!


Let us begin with roses, for they are some of the most popular flowers when it comes to gifting.

Red roses, as most of us know, are a symbol of romantic love and passion. They stand for true, everlasting love.

Pink roses are meant to signify affection that is not necessarily romantic; pink roses can indicate gratitude, admiration, fondness, warmth and grace.

Yellow roses are the universal symbol of friendship, but in some cases can also be used as a mark of apology. They are often used for expressing how sorry one is for having been unfaithful or having betrayed the trust of a loved one.

Orange or coral roses are a sign of the passion and desire a person inspires in you, while white roses are meant to remark upon the innocence and virtue of the recipient.

Black roses are perhaps the least common and mean different things in different cultures: they are most popularly used for funerals because they symbolize both death and rejuvenation. You should know that black roses aren’t really black in colour: they are usually the darkest, inkiest variety of other deep colours like wine, purple or blue and the dark colour is sometimes further enhanced by placing the flowers in an inky solution.


Carnations are popular bouquet flowers too, and are found all over the world.
Red carnations are, much like red roses, a symbol of deep and undying love. Red carnations often signify that the giver of the flowers is so profoundly in love with the recipient that every moment away from the latter is agony.

Pink carnations are the symbol of motherly or womanly love and are meant to tell the recipient that they are being thought of and will always be loved and cherished.
Purple carnations are beautiful flowers that signify a slightly whimsical and fanciful personality. The unusual colour of the flowers makes them a great gift for someone with a fey-like personality!


Lilies are a desired variety of flowers the world over, known for their delicate beauty and unusual shape.

White lilies are a symbol of purity and untouched beauty and are often a favourite with brides for their bouquets.

Steer clear of orange lilies because these are a symbol of heightened anger and disappointment or extreme passion- neither of which is a sentiment you should communicate unless you’ve thought it through!

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