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Roses – the Ultimate Romantic Flowers

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The most popular cut flower in the world is the rose. With its sweet fragrance, elegance and beautiful colours, it is a top choice for all sorts of events – birthdays, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, anniversaries, weddings and many others. The impression of the flower is undeniable – its elegance can make a dull event look like a fairytale. When used for weddings roses bring their charm and symbolism to the entire event. The red rose provides beautiful contrast to the white bridal dress. It’s no wonder that the rose is the ultimate romantic flower in the world and its versatility makes people prefer it before any other flower. The different colours have their own specific symbolism, as well as the number of flowers one is giving.

If you give somebody a single red rose, it’s the ultimate expression of passion and true love. There is no other flower that speaks as loudly as the red rose. Choosing a bouquet of an odd number of red roses speaks volumes to the receiver. It can say many things: I miss you, I love you or even I want to marry you. If you truly love somebody giving them red roses is a must. If you give just one white rose, it means that your feelings are pure and true. The pink rose signifies adoration and it says to its receiver: I like you. Roses also represent the 15th wedding anniversary so this is a lovely opportunity to choose a beautiful bouquet for your spouse. As an expression of infinite love men can give a bouquet of 50 or 100 red roses. If you can’t afford it, don’t worry though. The red rose will have the meaning you put into it. If you really love your significant other even a single red rose that is fresh and fragrant is enough. There is a belief about the acceptance of roses – if you do it with your right hand it means that you accept the feelings of the giver, if you do it with your left hand, it’s like showing disagreement. Not many people know this symbolism, but it is an interesting fact which makes the meaning of roses even stronger. Many women love adorning their homes with arrangements of roses, so if you are one of them, make sure you go to a florist and avoid the bright splashy combinations. Add plenty of greenery and choose roses which don’t smell really strong as this might irritate you.

Roses are really popular flowers for weddings and the plenty of floral elements: the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the corsages, the garlands and vases, the centerpieces and many others. Sprinkling petals of red or pink roses on the aisle is a beautiful and magical moment for the bride and groom. Since the guests remember the dress, the cake and the flowers the most, make sure you incorporate the roses in a stylish and tasteful way. Some of the most popular choices for weddings are: Circus rose and Apricot Rose (orange colour), Supergreen and Jade roses (green colour), Cezanne and Musical roses (pink colour), Olympia and Prima Donna roses (peach colour), the classical red rose called Royal Class and the Avalanche and Akito roses (white colour).

In general choose red roses to express love and passion, pink ones to express romance and sweetness, white ones for purity and the new beginning (for weddings), peach roses for friendship and saying “thank you”, orange roses to show passion and desire (perfect for Valentine’s day), black roses for saying farewell (for funerals), yellow ones for joy and friendship and purple ones for parental love.

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