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Autumn has finally knocked on the door and the weather is getting cold. This will most certainly darken your mood but there are ways to keep the happy thrills going if you keep certain flowers typical for the season close to you. Even though this is the season when nature is preparing to hid because of the soon to come winter, you can choose between a lot of different sorts of flowers.

One of the most widely familiar and enjoyable September flowers is the anthurium. It comes in reddish colors and has a very odd and unique form. It is not much of a sight to keep in your room but if you manage to arrange a lot of anthuriums into a well formed bush in the garden it will probably turn to be to crown jewel in it. It smells lovely and every shape you make out of a lot of anthuriums looks magical. Its effect on your emotions will be just as good. The bouvardia also works best when it is in large numbers. It is quite useful and neatly looking when it forms small bouquettes. It is perfect for the first day of the school year to give to teachers and classmates. But it is also a flower which will beautifully decorate the rear of your garden. Its colors vary from white to scarlet and pink. Regardless of your choice the bouvardia will enhance and relax your senses. The same effect is achievable by the liatris even if its form is unlike that of any other flower or plant. This plant is perfectly violet and always comes in its extremely rich color. They make some of the most pleasant to smell and behold bouquettes. The very sight of them will excite you and make you smile. It is perhaps the most enjoyable of the September flowers.

As the autumn gets ever colder so will your feelings in all likelihood. Depression is the most likely outcome of a cold weather since the cold weather usually brings a lot of illnessess and different little aggrivations. Forget all of them and try to concentrate on your flowers and especially their colors. Autumn during October tends to overwhelm you with its lack of color and its gray, empty rainy sky. Decorate your house and garden with as many colors as you can think of considering all the flowers that were listed previously in this article for September. Try the colors that are easier on the eyes. Do not use anything that is too exotic or screaming because it might look bizarre. Pink, white, bright blue and yellow, with slightly darker or brighter shades of those colors are your best choices and possibilities. Such flowers would not only be in tone with the season but would also guarantee the tranquil and deprived of stress atmosphere in your home. Remember that the most important things you need to take into consideration when purchasing flowers for a present or for yourself is the freshness of the flowers and their quality. If your choice is poor it means that your money will be wasted for nothing and during the autumn, which is an extremely hostile season, you need flowers which will keep their good form for a long time. And since autumn is the season which usually brings illnesses it would be good if you remember that a gift of a flower would emotionally support a sick person and feeling good in your heart is an essential part of the healing of your body.

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