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When it comes to proms, flowers are quite an important element, along with the dress, shoes and everything else. There are some common questions which this article will answer about prom and flowers.

1.    When should I order my prom flowers?
One of the things you should have in mind is that the season of proms is also a peak season for weddings and often your prom might even fall on the weekend of Mother’s Day. That’s why some of the most popular flowers are in a really high demand. These flowers include some types of orchids, white roses and sweetheart roses. If you don’t live in a big city, make sure you order your flowers at least 2 weeks before the important day. This way your florist will make sure they order enough amount and they can offer you different colours and varieties of the flower you prefer.

2.    Should the boutonniere of my prom date match my prom’s corsage?
This trend is quite popular but it is not an absolute must. If you can choose the same colour it is more than enough, but you don’t necessarily need to match the types of flowers too.

3.    Will I receive special care for my prom flowers? Can I choose my ribbon and other elements?
Every girl wants to feel really special on her prom day, but don’t forget that your florist has to deal with dozens of prom corsages and boutonnieres, along with at least dozens of weddings. However, keep in mind that a good florist knows how important this day is for girls, boys and their parents and they can certainly make it a memorable one by assisting you and meeting all your needs. If you have special requirements about your flowers or you want to add a little charm or choose the colour and material of the ribbon, talk to your florist. He should be able to offer you plenty of choices, but don’t be a drama queen if you can’t find exactly what you want. Make sure you show a sample of your dress or the entire dress to the florist and think of a way to match the material of the ribbon and the colour to an element on the dress.

4.    What’s the best prom corsage?
There are two styles that are in high demand – one is the hand-held nosegay corsage and the other is the wrist corsage. The popular flower choices are miniature roses, alstroemeria lilies, standard roses, dendrobium orchids,  and others like cornflowers and freesia.

5.    How should I let my prom date know the type of flowers I want?
If you know the exact types of flower and style for your corsage, you can tell your prom date – this way you are saving him the stress and yourself the disappointment. You can even go to the florist together and choose the best styles for both of you.

6.    What should I do if I have a limited prom budget?
You don’t need to worry that certain flowers will make you look “cheap” as there are plenty of types and styles that are so creatively and beautifully designed that you will look great anyway. Tell the florist your exact budget and discuss your options. You don’t need the most expensive flowers in order to look beautiful on your prom. Two affordable, yet pretty choices, are mini carnations and alstroemeria lilies.

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