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Planning Your Flower Garden

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When you have just moved into a home and have a new garden to design it very exciting, ideas start to come as to what you want to do with the space that you have.  But before you rush in and start planting random flowers and plants everywhere consider what the garden will end up looking like, and whether you will need to buy and plant more flowers and plants to replace rash decisions.  

The best thing that you can do is get a pen and paper and draw out your garden.  Whilst you are doing so think about which areas of your garden get the best sunlight, what the soil is like in various parts of the garden and where it is best for you to plant certain flowers. Search for the flowers you want, consider the points below and draw a representation of this on your drawing to help you to better visualise what the garden would look like.  

Things to consider:

•    Do you want flowers that bloom every year, each year growing and spreading? This is commonly what people choose as otherwise it means replanting flowers into your garden every year.  Consider the size of the area that you are allocating to this flower and whether the space will be able to accommodate the plant at its full size. Good flowers that bloom annually are daffodils and roses.
•    Whether the plants you are buying need full sun, partial sun, partial shade or full shade to grow.  This will have a great impact on where you plant the flowers in your garden, as if you do not give a plant as much sunlight it requires it will not grow strong.
•    What the height of the plant when it is fully grown will be.  To landscape your garden you will want to put taller plants on the furthest outside areas of your garden, and smaller flowers in the inside areas, so that you can see them all and get the full effect of the garden and the work put into it.
•    The colours of the various plants and species should be considered as they may look nice together as a bunch but may also clash with the colour of the bunch next to it.
•    When do the various plants bloom and wilt?  Ideally you want blossoming flowers in your garden all year round, this means planting different flowers that will open during winter and autumn, as well as spring and summer.
•    How formal would you like your garden?  If you are having it quite formal, with geometric shapes and symmetry you will want to plant flowers that compliment this look and the planting of the flowers will also have a structure to it.  For more informal gardens you have more of a variety with flowers, and less of a structure when it comes to where they are planted.
•    Consider adding foliage throughout the garden to add dimension and drama.
•    Don’t be afraid to plants lots of flowers all at once, this will give your garden the wow factor.  If you have any bare soil where you are leaving space for expanding flowers, cover the soil with something a bit more decorative like bark chippings or decorative stones to fill out the space and make the garden look less bare.
If you carefully plan your garden it will start to look better each year, furthermore, it will become less work as time goes by, instead of replanting flowers all you will need to do is water the ones you have.

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