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Taking the decision what flowers to pick up for someone might be a real hard task especially in case we do not know the person very well. Giving flowers is one of the easiest ways of making someone happy as this is an act of expressing love and gratitude towards them. Still the question remains – what flowers should you buy for your wives, beloved ones, colleagues, relatives or simply a friend of yours? This choice can be much easier in case you know the person’s zodiac sign. Below you will find a number of flowers that are appropriate for a person depending on the zodiac sign they were born under. Even if you do not believe in signs and find these things superstitions, you will really impress the woman you are going to give the flowers to with the explanation that you have chosen those particular flowers especially for her, driven by her true nature that lays in her zodiac sigh and these are the flowers that will best express herself and will have a good impact on her.

1.    Aries – fire zodiac sign. This means that people born under it are passionate and adventurous. People who are born under the sign of Aries are also born in the spring and as such they do adore spring flowers. The perfect choice for them is tulips, red roses, hyacinth, honeysuckle.
2.    Taurus – a zodiac sign under the element of earth. People who are Taurus are loving, caring and emotional. They would love a bouquet of tulips, no matter the colour. Other suitable flowers are lily of the valley, lilac, lavender, sweet William. All of these flowers will make the lady Taurus feel special and will fill her home with a wonderful scent that she loves.
3.    Gemini – an air zodiac sign. They are talkative, full of energy, joyful and love long, intellectual conversations. The perfect choice for woman who is Gemini is a bouquet of roses. There are no more beautiful and loved flowers than these. You can choose roses of any colour. Other good options are also violets, narcissus, cactus, acacia.
4.    Cancer – a water zodiac sign. This means that those born under it are dedicate dto their families, very caring and emotional. They love all flowers, the only thing you should consider when buying flowers for them is to choose their favourite colour – white. A bouquet of white roses is a wonderful decision, you can also purchase irises, hydrangea, fern, rose bay. No matter what flowers you will put into the bouquet, you will make no mistake in case the colour of the flowers is white.
5.    Leo – a fire zodiac sign. They are extravagant but faithful. They love rare, exotic flowers with huge blossoms. A wonderful choice is a bouquet of sunflowers, orchids, lilies, peony.
6.    Vergo – an earth sign. These people are pragmatic and humble. Give them flowers that are easy to take care of such as Michaelmas daisy, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, ivy.
7.    Libra – an air sign. People are romantic, elegant and diplomatic. The best choice for them is autumn dahlia.
8.    Scorpio – a water sign. People are sensible but determined. You should buy them cactus or any other flower that is long lasting as it symbolises the eternity.
9.    Sagittarius – a fire sign. People are full of optimism and enthusiasm. The ideal flower is fleur-de-lis because of its wonderful scent and beauty.
10.    Capricorn – an earth sign. These people are usually workaholics and very ambitious. The best choice for them is white lilies.
11.    Aquarius – an air sign. People are independent and witty. The best choice for them is something untraditional, for example snowdrops.
12.    Pisces – a water sign. They are calm and possess a great sense of humour. The best choice for them is yellow narcissus.

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