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Medicinal Plants and Flowers

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Plants and flowers are not just aesthetically pleasing things that we have in our home and gardens, they are also used in things like perfumes and fragrances and medicine.  Flowers have a great medicinal quality to them, covering a wide range of ailments from simple cold and flu’s liver and heart conditions.
Here are some of the plants and flowers that could help you medically:

•    Begonia’s: If you use the plant to rub over any sores or burns you have it eases any itching and pain you are suffering. Begonia’s also help your blood to circulate properly around the body while also removing toxins from the body.
•    Calendula:  Rubbing this plant over wounds caused by cancer will ease pain and help them to heal faster.  Calendula can also help to relieve sore throats and throat problems like tonsillitis, and can help to get rid of menstrual cramps.
•    California Poppy: Can also be used to help relive menstrual pain and cramping.  This plant can also be used to help to treat anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension.
•    Chrysanthemum: Take the blossoms of this flower and turn it into a drink, this drink can be used for a number of things ranging from  eye inflammation (by applying some to some cotton wool rubbing some over your eyeball), to a cold and flu remedy to headaches and hypertension.
•    Corn Flower: The stems of these flowers are ideal for getting rid of annoying skin problems, for example acne. The essence of cornflower has also been known to help conjunctivitis and other eye infection or strain complaints.
•    Dandelion: This plant helps to reduce feelings of nervousness.  It has been used to help people suffering from amnesia or jaundice and it is known to purify the blood stream.
•    Honeysuckle: This leaves and the stem of this antibacterial flower is ideal for arthritis sufferers as it is makes an effective anti-inflammatory treatment.  Make this plant into a drink and gargle it to help to get rid of a sore throat.
•    Hyssop:  Rub this plant over any cuts and bruises you may have to help them to heal better and quicker, or use this plant as an anti-inflammatory. Make a drink out of this flower and use this to help bring down your temperature and relieve cold and flu bugs.
•    Nasturtium: This plants helps your body to protect itself and fight off various kinds of infections (for example respiratory, bacterial, urinary tract and reproductive infections) it may come into contact with. Can also be used to help get rid of colds and flu’s.
•    Plum flowers: Helps to prevent ulcers forming, while also relieving those suffering from diarrhoea or a cough. Parasites are repelled by the plum flowers vapour.
•    Rose: Making tea using rose leaves cleans your liver and gall bladder and makes your lungs work better.  Chewing rose petals can help to improve the blood circulation in your body and has the same effects as an anti-depressant.
•    Sunflower: is a natural painkiller and helps to reduce people suffering from menstrual cramps or ulcers, gargling a drink made from sunflowers is said to help a sore throat or someone with tonsillitis.
•    Viola: can help people suffering from psoriasis, eczema and varicose veins. Viola has been known to help you to get rid of chest and throat viruses like bronchitis and common coughs.
•    Yarrow: Helps to shift phlegm from your chest, and can help anyone suffering from mild asthma or hay fever.  Yarrow can also help skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

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