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Impressive Autumn Flowers for Your Wedding Day

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Autumn weddings are becoming increasingly popular. When one thinks about weddings, you may imagine a summer affair with marquees and sun-drenched gardens, yet autumn weddings can be just as picturesque, perhaps even more so. If you are planning an autumn wedding and want flowers of the season, take a look at these top tips for having impressive autumn flowers delivered that will make your wedding day all that you dreamed it would be.

wedding-flowers-onlineWedding Flowers That Reflect the Season

Autumn is a season filled with burnished browns, rustic reds and dashes of yellows and gold and all these beautiful hues can provide the perfect inspiration for your colour scheme. You may think that spring and summer are the only seasons burgeoning with flowers but multiple flowers are blooming in autumn, including roses, lilies, hydrangea, carnations, aster, dahlia and freesia. If you are embracing the autumnal shades of the season, dark red, orange or yellow roses accompanied by sprigs laden with berries are ideal for a rustic wedding bouquet and stunning table settings.

Flowers Sent by Post

One of the many reasons that couples choose to marry in autumn is that it is cheaper than marrying in summer. This is because summer is the most popular season and many venues, and even florists, take advantage of that. However, selecting a florist that sends flowers by post can cut your budget drastically. Sending flowers by post is perfect for creative brides and grooms who want to create their table centrepieces and even their bouquets. You can choose to have wedding flowers sent via same-day flower delivery or next-day flower delivery so you receive them at their freshest and can then continue to create beautiful centrepieces rather than pay florists to do it. Cheap flowers sent in the post via online flower shops are the perfect option for those on a budget.

Autumn bouquets

An autumnal bridal bouquet can be as simple or as creative as you like, with deep red roses serving as a simple but eye-catching bouquet, and a bouquet of assorted autumn flowers giving a greater impact for brides that want a more elaborate arrangement. It is important to research which flowers are available during this season and which flowers are suitable for flower delivery via the post. An easy way to do this is to look at the website of the florist you intend to use to discover which bouquets are currently available.

autumn-bridal-bouquetWhat is the difference between a summer bouquet and an autumn bouquet?

Besides the fact that certain flowers will not be available in autumn, there are many differences between the way wedding, and indeed, romance flowers, are presented in autumn than in summer. One of the greatest differences in the presentation. When you think of summer blooms you will probably imagine pastel colours and delicate arrangements. Autumn provides an opportunity to present an entirely different way of arranging your flowers. Sprigs of twigs amid the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ flowers is just one way to reflect the season and tying the bouquets with twine is yet another rustic twist on the traditional bouquet.

What Autumn Flowers are Best for Centrepieces?

Whether you are going for full-blown rustic, or still want an elegant white wedding theme, autumn flowers can help you to achieve this. Should you be leaning towards the latter and want centrepieces of pure white, you may want the beautiful and robust hydrangea to take centre stage. With their huge heads of blooms, you only need a few stems to create a magnificent centrepiece. If you would prefer the rustic look, opt for hardy fuchsias accompanied by autumnal fruits and berries.

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