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How To Take Care Of Your Flowers and Plants In Autumn

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Every home, no matter if it is big or small, if it is an apartment or a house can become cosier and more beautiful by decorating it with flowers. Since ancient times people have been using them in order to bring more happiness and comfort in their homes. Flowers were commonly used during celebrations and holidays. People can pick up among a great variety of flowers for their homes but in order to make them decorate our place as long as possible we should take regular care of them. Most of them are usually placed on the balcony or in the garden during the spring and the summer because what all flowers need is fresh air but when it becomes cool outside we should take our flowers inside. But only placing them inside our homes is not enough. Beside this we should also take special cares of the flowers if we want to preserve them beautiful and alive for the next season. Usually after flowers are taken inside it is very likely that they might lose their fresh look due to the change. Camellia and fern for example might start losing their leaves. Cactuses might start blooming before the end of October (they usually bloom around December) while poinsettia might have not started even slightly colouring its leaves in red. As soon as we have placed our plants inside the home we should think about whether they love sunny spots or prefer shadows. Depending on this we should arrange their new places. Temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius are considered the best choice when looking after flowers. You should be aware of the fact that sharp temperature changes negatively affect flowers. That is why we should not only pay attention to the temperatures of the air but also to the temperate of the water when we are pouring them as cold water might do harm on them. You can also place some wooden screens around the flowers in order to protect them from the cold flow of air that comes into the room every time a door is open. You should also put some plates with water on your heaters in order to prevent the air in the room of getting too dry as this might cause your flowers to dry up and hence die.

Another thing we can do to help our plants adjust to the change in the conditions is to make some adjustments to their shape. This can be achieved through carefully removing of all tiny leaves from the stable. But you should keep in mind the removed leaves should not exceed a third of the whole flower. When we take our flowers inside we should also first check them for any insects. If there are any bugs on the plant such as aphids you can spray soap water all over it in order to remove them.

Remember, by taking proper care of our plants and flowers you will make sure to keep their beautiful look during the whole year no matter the season.

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