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How To Pick Up The Best Bouquet?

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Practically, you can give any flowers to a woman. Every single woman loves getting flowers especially when there is no occasion.  No matter if it is a huge bouquet or a single rose, flowers are an elegant and sophisticated way of expressing feelings and attention. Giving flowers to a lady is the best way to express gratitude, to apologise or simply to say “I love you”.
Here comes the logical question: how to pick up the best bouquet?
If you know the woman well and hence know her favourite flowers the decision is simple – just buy them and do not follow the rules below. But if you are still wondering, then continue reading and then make the choice.                 
 First and most important thing is to choose the colour of the flowers in the bouquet depending on the woman’s age.
•    If the lady is over her 50s, it is considered a good idea to choose violet and lilac tones. Flowers that are in these colours are different kinds of chrysanthemum, orchids, roses, tulips, etc.
•    If the lady’s age is between 40 and 50, the bouquet is said to be in the golden-orange range. The best choice here is the variety of tulips, chrysanthemum, lilies, and of course gerbera.
•    For young women it is most suitable to buy flowers in the red gamma. The bouquet can be of one type of flowers only or to be a mix of different kinds. For the red gamma you should look for roses, tulips, lilies, dahlias, etc.
•    If you are looking for the perfect flowers for a young girl, experts advise that you should buy flowers in soft, pastel tones, such as soft pink, ecru, white.
So, the first step is now completed, you have the flowers of the appropriate colour. Next in the row comes the bouquet shape. You can choose between two most popular shapes: round and high.
•    The round shape is the traditional shape used for bouquets. It can be made of all flower types, it is easy to carry and can be put into any type of vase.
•    High bunches are more difficult to make. For this type of bouquet you need flowers with long stalks. Flowers such as freesias, tulips and others with very short stalks are not suitable for this bouquet.
Should the bouquet be scented? The answer here is more complicated. If you know the lady well and you know she loves intense scents, you can buy any types of flowers. But if you do not feel completely sure about this, it is best to avoid strong scented flowers such as lilies, freesias, hyacinths, etc.
 A very important rule – do not forget the hostess. If you are buying flowers for an occasion such as birthday, it is a good idea to consider buying flowers for the hostess. Also if you are going to your girlfriend’s house do not forget to buy flowers not only for her but for her mother and sister or sisters also. You can be absolutely sure that they will be nicely surprised.