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How to Keep Your Valentine's Day Flowers Fresh Longer

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Receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is one of the best feelings in the world. When somebody cares enough to choose flower arrangements from a florist and then have the flowers delivered to your door, you will want to keep that moment alive forever. Although you may not be able to keep your beautiful blooms alive forever, you can make them, and the romantic moment, last longer with our top tips for Valentine’s Day flowers. Discover how a few simple steps will allow you to appreciate your bouquet for longer, and enjoy having flowers in your home for more than just a few days.

Prepare your flowers

If your freshly cut flowers have been sent via same-day flower delivery or even if they have been gifted via next day flower delivery, you will be at more of an advantage than those that receive their flowers days after an order has been placed. Once you have received your bouquet, carefully unwrap them and separate them on a flat surface. Next, you have to cut each stem at an angle as this allows the flower to absorb more water and therefore it will last longer. Once you have trimmed the flowers, remove any leaves that may become submerged in the vase of water. Leaves that are left in water for days will begin to rot and therefore affect the quality of the water.

Prepare the water

Your flowers may have been accompanied by a sachet of flower food - either powder or liquid. You must use this flower food as it will help to prolong the appearance of your flowers. Ensure your chosen vase is clean before filling approximately a third of the way up with lukewarm, rather than cold water. Pour in the flower food mixture and stir, allowing it to dissolve and mix with the water. Vase water should be changed every three days, and the flower food replenished so your flowers are receiving the best quality of water possible.

Choose carefully where to keep them

Once your flowers have been arranged in their vase, it is time to consider where they will be placed. It may be tempting to put them on your window sill for all the neighbours and passersby to see; however, this may not be the ideal location. The heat will certainly cause your flowers to dry out and wilt, and although it is unlikely to be warm from the sun during February, many households have radiators underneath their windowsills. It is also important to keep your flowers away from drafts such as those that come through open windows as petals may blow off, or the vase could be blown over meaning the flowers would not be getting the water they need. Position the flowers away from windows but with enough sunlight for them to enjoy.

Keep away from pets

If you are a cat owner, you will be accustomed to them trying to nibble and chew on anything they perceive to be edible, and flowers are no exception. Cats rely on eating grass and sometimes leaves to relieve themselves from hairballs, but if you don’t want your Valentine’s flowers to be used in such way, place your vase of flowers in a room, where your pets don’t go frequently or put them out of their reach. More importantly, many types of flowers are poisonous to pets and can be fatal in some circumstances, which is even more reason to ensure your flowers can’t be reached by your animals. Should you be unsure about which flowers are safe for animals to be around, consult with your florist, and ensure your other half is aware too, so when Valentine’s Day comes around, you will receive flowers that both you and your pets will love!

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