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How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Longer

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When we are given a bouquet no matter if it consists of just one or many flowers our main aim is to keep them fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. Of course no bouquet can last forever but there are a few simple techniques that can help us to preserve them from fading.

1.    First and most important is to keep the flowers in a clean vase completely free from bacteria (if there are bacteria in the water where you are keeping your flowers it is very likely that they will fade away more quickly). Flowers consist of 90 percent water. It serves to keep the flower fresh and beautiful. That is why arranging the maximum supply of water is the most important secret of a long lasting flower. Vases where you keep your flowers should be properly washed before and after each use. It is a good idea to use a small amount of bleach when washing them.
2.    Flowers love fresh air. Make sure to put them in a place with lots of fresh air. But do not place them on the balcony or somewhere windy. Flowers lose their water due to the wind and this will result in their quickly fading.
3.    Warm water makes buds bloom faster while cold water slows down that process preserving the flowers fresh for longer.
4.    To keep your flowers beautiful and fresh for a longer period of time it is not enough simply to pour water into a well cleaned vase. You should use special preservatives – these are mixes of chemical substances specially created with the sole purpose of making flowers’ lives longer. You can buy these from any flower store.
5.    Always cut the flowers’ stables under water. This small trick will keep their fresh look for longer.
6.    Do not remove all of maternal leafs from the blossoms. They are the ones that keep the blossom from fading keeping them stronger for longer.
7.    When you are arranging flowers of gardenia make sure you have perfectly cleaned your hands before that. If your hands are greasy the blossoms will become brown.
8.    If you are arranging tulips, put them in a vase and wait until their blossoms open as much as you want to. Then dunk the tulips blossoms into yolk, this will prevent them from opening any further and hence there is no risk of losing their blossoms.
9.    If your bouquet is made of roses remove all of the leafs that will be under water before placing the flowers in the vase.
10.    If the roses have started to fade away, you can still take its fresh look back. Simply dunk the whole flower into a big container full of water. Keep the flower there for about 30 to 60 minutes. For that time the rose will absorb enough water to restore its vitality. Then cut about 1-2 centimetres from its stable.
Remember the most important rule – no matter the type of the flowers you have in your bouquet, always keep an eye on the water in their vases and to regularly change it. The best solutions is to change the water every one or two days.

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