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How to Choose a Florist

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Some of the most important celebrations and events are commemorated with flowers – either by giving them or decorating with them. Flowers are special, this is undeniable and the tradition of giving flowers is timeless. Flowers are pretty, affordable and great options for gifts. You don’t need a special occasion to give somebody a bunch of flowers, but when there is an occasion, you need to make sure that you pick the right type of flower, the right colour and arrangement. It can be hard to choose the right bouquet, with so much available on the market – each flower with its own specific symbolism and meaning. If you simply browse an online florist you will literally get lost in the huge selection of floral gifts – bouquets, baskets, plants, floral arrangements, various combinations with stuffed animals, balloons, wine, chocolate and small gifts. How does one choose among such a wide range? The best way is to have professional assistance by a person who already knows everything there is to know about different types of flowers, colours and shades, arrangements, gifts, symbolism and price range. A good florist knows when to offer orchids, tiger lilies and other exotic flowers and when to stick to the more affordable and traditional choices. They know when a dozen red roses is the must and when tulips can save the day. Since flowers can literally speak louder than words, it’s important to trust the florist with the choice, especially if you don’t know much about flowers. It makes things much easier and quicker. No endless browsing or wondering – the variety of colours, styles and species will be briefly explained and you will get professional advice. If you want to choose stunning flowers for a friend or a loved one, you need the right florist by you side. Here are some of the factors that you need to look out for when choosing the person to trust.

The Service: If you want to truly rely on the professionalism of a florist, their service has to be impeccable. Unless they offer the best customer service and they are knowledgeable, there is no excuse to trust them. Buying flowers is more than a simple purchase – it’s an important choice and a lovely gesture and the right florist has to be aware of that. A good florist knows how to treat clients with utmost care and respect. They know when to leave the client choose on their own and when to offer professional piece of advice.

The Selection: A great florist is not just somebody you initially like and feel you can trust; what matters is also the selection of flowers they have. Fresh, beautiful cuts make beautiful bouquets – everything else is unacceptable. Don’t let a charming florist fool you with poor selection and second-hand inventory.
The Style: The best florist is like a designer – he knows how colours pair, how various bouquet shapes are made and which trends to follow. He has various bouquets designs for virtually any occasion – birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, births, graduations, weddings, etc. Moreover, a good florist will take into consideration the type of person you are buying the flowers for – a man or a woman, a loved one or a friend, business or romantic flowers, etc. This will make the bouquets much more personal and creative.

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