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There are literally tens of dozens of occasions for which you can send or give flowers to somebody. It’s great to be aware of flowers meaning and some of the appropriate flowers for different events, but it’s not a big problem if you are not. Sending somebody flowers is a big gesture and you don’t have to spend a fortune and pick the most expensive bouquet to make someone feel special. One of the occasions for which many of us should send flowers more often is when a friend or a relative is ill, has had an operation or is currently in hospital. You can easily guess that they are not feeling their best lying down all alone in the hospital. Even with their closest people around it’s still quite a depressing atmosphere. This is the perfect time for sending some beautiful flowers to show them that you care and think of them. This is a simple and sincere way to express your best wishes and friendship. A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers can cheer up someone immediately and brighten up their room. Here are some of the basic FAQs about sending Get Well Flowers.

1.    How can I order flowers for delivery to a hospital?
When you call the florist or browse in the online shop you will need the following information: the name of the patient and the hospital, the time for the delivery and ideally the room number. Another thing that is good to check in advance is whether the hospital has restrictions regarding flowers. For example, intensive and urgent care units usually don’t allow flowers on their premises. If you are not certain about the policies of a certain hospital your local florist should have an idea.
2.    Can I send get well flowers after my friend has returned home?
If you want to wait a little until your friend or relative has left the hospital, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, every patient anticipates their return home and they will be really happy to see their room adorned with fresh and beautiful flowers. This will make the environment really welcoming. Showing that you’ve been thinking about them will move them immensely even if you can’t be there in person.
3.    Can I send get well flowers to someone who isn’t going to hospital?
Sometimes it seems that people send get well flowers only when the case is really serious and someone they care about ends up in hospital. However, it is more than fine to send them flowers if they are just ill at home in their bed. This is bad enough for the person to start feeling lonely. Bring a smile to their face by sending them a beautiful bouquet and a hand-written card.
4.    Are flowers really good for one’s health?

Many researches claim that the presence of flowers in your room will trigger positive emotions and it affects human behavior in a good way. That’s another reason why sending get well flowers is the right thing to do.

Don’t wait until somebody is seriously ill or goes into operation – showing care and affection can be done any time and it’s never a bad time for flowers. They are the ultimate way of expressing emotion and thoughtfulness. Avoid choosing flowers that have strong fragrance and choose pastel colours. Avoid white and red and choose yellow, orange or purple instead. Don’t forget to add a card or a box of chocolates.

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