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Funeral Flower Guide: Chrysanthemums

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Funeral Flowers

Funeral baskets are a sign of expression of sympathy for the family of the deceased. Some of the best flowers do not go unnoticed. An ideal example is the chrysanthemums which you can send to a family who lost a loved one. Send funeral flowers with a card and a basket with chrysanthemums that is beautifully arranged for those who have lost a loved one or for a memorial of a loved one. Placing them on a grave-site is common in many cultures around the world.
Native to Asia and North-eastern Europe, the chrysanthemums are popular for their beauty, their size, their colours, and most of all the meaning behind them. These types of flowers traditionally were sent to the elderly according to the Asian botanists.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Chrysanthemums

According to the Chinese, they symbolize longevity, yet also are known to give long-lasting luck in a person’s home. Actually, the Greek words “Chrysos,” which means gold, and “anthemon,” meaning flower, is how the name was derived from. Its etymology has an Asian origin and different meaning and symbolism in the different cultures. In fact, the name of this particular flower comes from Japanese and Chinese which is the equivalent of “Gold Flower.”

In other parts of the world, they are used as memorial flowers. Because of their beauty and their size, it’s a great choice for honouring loved ones who’ve passed on. Additionally, they’re a common choice for “placements on graves” in a vase.

Many cultures believe the “in-curve chrysanthemums” symbolize “death,” and therefore, were used only for funerals or grave-sites. Although, the white mums mean “adversity, grief, and lamentation” while other cultures, such as in North America, they were regarded as a “cheerful and positive” flower. (This must be the reason why they are used in many school ‘homecoming’ games and dances.)

Free Funeral Flower DeliveryChrysanthemums’ Description

They grow year after year and are part of the perennial family. Generally, chrysanthemums grow in various colours: red, yellow, white, purple, pink, orange, and green. Sending these flowers in a bouquet, one or multi-coloured, are gorgeous-looking regardless of size. During a difficult time of someone who has passed away, sending them in a basket, vase, or single-handedly is a great way to show your sympathy.

When a loved one has passed away, sending sympathy flowers should be one of the first steps to make to comfort a bereaved person. Chrysanthemums show so much meaning because of their beauty besides their symbolism, they are truly the perfect flower to send to those who are grieving.

Choose the Right Flowers: Chrysanthemums

When you send chrysanthemums as a way to express your sympathy, the love they reflect does not go unnoticed. Sending sympathy flowers with chrysanthemums is one of the most used ways to express your condolences. Choosing the right basket or vase is another element which adds to their beauty. If you want a very large and elaborate basket or bouquet of sympathy flowers sent to a funeral or memorial, chrysanthemum tributes are a great way to showcase them. In either colour, they’ll reflect the condolences expressed by the sender for those who are going through a time of grief.

Choosing the right colour of chrysanthemums is important too. For instance, pink flowers for funerals show a lovely gesture. It can actually help them through this difficult time because of the sentimental gesture it brings whether at the funeral home or at their home.

Funeral Flower ShopFlower Delivery is Dedication with Chrysanthemums

Florists who deliver chrysanthemum baskets or bouquets of chrysanthemums know how much they mean to the receiver because of the expressions they see once they get them, especially at residences or funeral parlours. Each delivery is special. This is why they are hand delivered by the majority of professional florists.

Chrysanthemum baskets are normally arranged and delivered without being damaged because they are not fragile. In fact, when they’re arranged as funeral baskets, or even tributes with other flowers, they do not go unnoticed because of their special form.

Chrysanthemums in vases are another way to show your condolences to a grieving family. They’re so comforting to look at and because of the meaning behind the chrysanthemums, they are much more special. Thus, arrangements with an added flower such as the chrysanthemum or a bouquet of them to a funeral parlour or home of those who are grieving because of a loss is the ideal way to show a special way of remembrance during a difficult time.

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