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Flowers For Men. How To Choose A Bouquet For Him and Which Flowers Are Most Appropriate?

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People are used to thinking that flowers should be given only to women. Probably a couple of years ago this way of thinking was quite normal but nowadays it is considered to be old fashioned. Flowers can be given to men too, moreover they are a must when it comes to an occasion. They are the perfect addition to the present. Of course, when it comes to choosing the most suitable flowers for a men there are a few simple advices you need to follow in order to make sure you will make the perfect choice.

1.    The meaning of the colours -  in order to make sure you will correctly express your attitude towards the men you are buying the flowers for, you need to carefully select the right type of flowers:
•    Red is the colour of leadership, of politics, of the self confident man. They are the perfect choice for educated, successful men. But be careful when choosing the flowers types – a bouquet of red roses (always seen as a symbol of love) is suitable for no other man rather than your own husband or beloved one.
•    Pink flowers are not a good choice either – they are more suitable for young ladies. But if you are close friends or relatives with the man and you know him well enough to know that he has a romantic soul, giving him a bouquet in which one of the flowers is pink or violet is considered appropriate.
•    Choosing a bouquet in white colours is considered a mistake in most countries. White flowers are given either for a wedding or, in some countries, at a funeral.
•    Yellow is considered to be the colour of knowledge, of creative people, of those that are open minded, aiming at the future. Yellow is considered to be the best option when it comes to buying flowers for men.
•    Orange is also a good choice for flowers for men. It is the colour of the holidays and of recognition of success achieved.
2.    The meaning of the flowers in the bouquet:
•    Most suitable flowers for a men bouquet are orchids, roses, chrysanthemum, sunflowers, carnation, gladiolus.
•    Small bouquets made of violets, daisies, lily of the valley or snowdrops are absolutely forbidden as they are not suitable for a man.
3.    The bouquet itself should be arranged with style and care to every detail. It would be best if it is simple and in soft colours.
4.    As a matter of fact many men are really keen on flowers. If this is the case you can simply try to understand what their favourite flowers are and buy it. If you have no time or means to do this, you can simply buy a beautiful orchid or stylish bonsai. These are the flowers every flower lover will appreciate and love.
Remember, you are the one that best know the man you are going to buy flowers for. It is up to you to decide whether to follow the rules above or to go for something else that you are absolutely sure the man will like.

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