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Flowers and Their Meanings

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Flowers have long been given as gifts, especially during such a time when words don’t seem to suffice. At occasions regarding love and death, flowers always take centre stage; weddings are decorated with beautiful, blossoming bouquets, intricately arranged in shade and shape, whereas funerals are similarly decorated with poignant, floral reefs. Often, when you’re not sure of the words to say, whether romantic or with sympathy, or are not sure if there is even an occasion, you just want to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, flowers are always the best idea.

So, it’s obvious that flowers are given with a wealth of hidden meaning and heartfelt intent in a variety of life’s situations. But how aware are you of flowers’ actual meanings? Below, we have included a list of flowers intrinsically linked to particular meanings, so that the next time you’re not sure of what to say, you can certainly say it with flowers and meant it.

Bellflower - "Thinking of you"
These beautiful little purple petals are perfect for letting someone know you’re thinking of them. Bright and plentiful, they instantly brighten a home and will make someone’s day. Whatever the reason, perhaps someone has lost a loved one, is going through emotional troubles, or is simply having a bad day, a bunch of Bellflowers mean they’re thought of, which is an invaluable gift for someone going through a tough time.

Cypress - Despair
Cypresses are eye-catching, star shaped flowers growing in red white and pink, asides from its attractive qualities it is linked with feelings of despair, and is a poignant bouquet for anyone in mourning, suffering from sorrow or grieving a loved one. They are bright, yet not overpowering, making it a great gift to simply let someone know you appreciate their pain, without overwhelming an individual with an elaborate bouquet, causing unwanted attention and almost highlighting a difficult time. Cypresses are the perfect flower in such a circumstance, giving the receiver a small boost of colour to help them through such trials.

Red Tulip - Undying love
For anyone feeling romantic, a rose might be the first flower of choice; however, nothing says undying love quite like a red tulip. Tulips are glamorous and bright flowers which look beautiful and bold, and of course, the fiery passion of bright red leaves an individual feeling love and desire. A perfect anniversary bouquet for the other half, these flowers are striking and definitely mean what they say. The bright colour will act as an instant mood-lifter, sitting pretty in the room to brighten up the home whilst hinting at connotations of love and desire.

Rosemary - Remembrance
Rosemary is a bushy green plant with wisps of small, lilac buds, most famous for its remarkable flavour and scent. A well designed bouquet of rosemary acts as the perfect floral gift for remembrance, perhaps for the anniversary of a loved one’s passing. Their subtle but pretty nature is a friendly reminder of someone important, and of the day in question, without overpowering and acting as sobering reminder of tragedy. Rosemary’s fabulous fragrance slowly fills the room with a delicate and interesting scent, an almost floral and spicy fragrance which will create a pleasant ambience, a homely feel and a warming glow throughout the home.

Snowdrop - Consolation or hope
An iconic snowdrop is not just famed for symbolising winter and the first drops of snow; it is also renowned for symbolising consolation or hope. A poignant image of a delicate snowdrop pushing its way through inches of frosty snow is a reminder of perseverance and hope. Opt for a bunch or single snowdrop when someone is going through a particularly tough time and are in desperate need of just a little bit of hope, and with any luck, a picturesque snowdrop will be just what they need to hold on through turbulent times.

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