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Factors That Influence Your Flowers Growth

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In order to grow healthy and beautiful all flowers and plants need special conditions that will help them store useful organic substances. There are several factors that influence flowers proper growing and blooming but the most important ones are definitely the light, temperatures, water and the level of nutrients in the soil the flowers are growing on.

Light and especially sung light is extremely important as it is a very delicate matter due to the fact that it is a difficult task to adjust the right amount of light to shine on your flowers. Too bright light will make them stay low and not grow while not enough amount of light will stop them from blooming. Experiments have proven that flowers grow a lot faster than during the day. Temperature of the air is another factor that directly influences flowers growth. It should be between o and 35 degrees Celsius depending on the flower kind. In the first stages of the flower growth it is better to keep the temperature higher so that it can easily and quickly grow. Water is the third significant factor when it comes to flowers. You should regularly water your flowers (water amount depends on the specifications of every flower type). A very common trick to keep the flower height in one and the same position is to dry the soil. However, this should be done with a great care as too dry soil will cause the flower to die. Nutrients in the soil also have a very significant role in the flowers proper and quick growth. Sometimes people who are not experienced enough in flowers planting put too much fertiliser in the soil in their striving to ensure the best nourishing conditions possible for their flowers. But this actually has just the opposite effect. Too much fertilising usually causes no blooming that is why you should stick to the instructions on the fertiliser’s pack if you do not feel confident enough how much of the fertiliser to put in the soil.

Beside these factors there are also a couple of other ones that have influence over the flowers growth. For example cutting the shoots is most likely to result quick growth of all buds and new leaves of the flower. Cutting the shoots is very often used when you want to shape the flower blossoms in a beautiful crown.

Some chemical elements also have the ability to stimulate flowers growth. In order to speed up the process of growing and blooming many people use auxin, gibberellins and others to add to the soil. For better effect you can also add vitamins. But only do this in case you are absolutely confident in what you are doing. Otherwise you better consult a specialist. When it comes to air temperatures it is very important to know whether the flowers are annual or perennial as this fact determines the temperature conditions for the flower. For instance, annual flowers requires lower temperatures in the very beginning of their growth while for perennial flowers you should lower the air temperatures in the beginning of their vegetation period.

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