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Who does not enjoy having a beautiful garden in front of their houses? If you are lucky enough to live in the suburbs , here is how you can create a real splendor for your house. When imagining a beautiful garden, many of us visualize lots of flowers, which bring life and color. This article will show you how to create your own garden and take care of it , so you can enjoy its beauty and be proud of your garden.

Perennial Hibiscus
Pretty much resembling fully open roses, perennial hibiscus is very popular and widely used for gardens. These are exceptionally beautiful flowers, with different colors like red, pink or white , which brings splendor and color to your perfectly green garden. You should know that these flowers require a great amount of sun and regular watering, so that they can flourish. They do not grow very high, only about 5 inches, which make them perfect for your front yard.

Pink Wave Petunia
Right next to your beautiful white hibiscus, you can have pink wave petunias. These flowers will look stunning, even as ground covers. They have an unique shape and bright colors, which make them so dazzling. Besides, wave petunias are also appropriate as hanging flowers decorations. Their bright colors and unique shape could make the perfect ground cover in your front yard.

If you want to bring even more life and color to your garden , grow the magnificent zinnias. With their numerous bright color and a great variety of forms and shapes, these vibrant flowers provide a great pleasure to be looked at. They will be the perfect flowers for your colorful garden. You can choose among a lively mix of summer flowers and those which bloom all seasons. To take a proper care for zinnias , you only need to water them regularly.

Candytuft flowers
Bring more elegance and delicateness to your garden by growing a mixture of white and purple Candytuft flowers. The flowers grow no more than 10 inches , which makes them the ideal choice for your beautiful garden. You can choose between a wide variety of colors such as, white, pink , mauve and purple. All of these colors will bring the spring time and the sun into your garden. What you have to remember about Candytuft is that they can grow in every climate, but they need sunnier locations.

Your garden cannot look completed if you don’t have purple asters, which represent the full sun and the brightness of the summer time. Beautifully arranged and placed among the other flowers, asters make your garden completed and perfect. You can have these flowers in white, purple , lavender , pink or red, depending on what colors your other flowers are. Choosing the right color will make your garden stunningly beautiful and filled with all the bright colors. To take a proper care of your asters you need to water them regularly and plant them in sunny locations, since they need a lot of sun to grow.

Since this is the first thing your neighbors can see, your garden represents your family. A beautiful and colorful garden shows the family’s excellent taste. Truth is, a front yard can not look good no matter how perfectly the lawn is mowed, if there are no flowers to bring more life and color. The flowers given in this article can create a really beautiful garden, which can make your house look even better. Have you noticed how the rooms change with a one small vase of flowers? The same happens with your garden , when you plant flowers.

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