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Buttons to bouquets: A guide to Wedding Flowers

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When organising a wedding, flowers are an integral part of completing both the outfits and the decorations.  You will want to choose the correct flowers to suit the style and tone of your wedding whist ensuring that they also fit in with your colour scheme.  There are a range of flowers that are suitable for a wedding, which are also available in a variety of colours, so matching it to your colour scheme shouldn’t be an issue.  The flowers you will want to consider for your wedding:

•    Bride Bouquet: bouquets come in a variety of different styles now, from the traditional hand held posy, to bouquets that drape over the arm.  Choosing the best style of flowers for you will greatly depend on the style of dress you intend to wear and the tone/theme of the wedding.
•    Bridesmaids or flower girl posy/ball:  the style of posy or flower ball you decide on will greatly depend on the age of your bridesmaids/flower girls.  If you have a particularly young child a flower ball is ideal as it can be wrapped around the wrist meaning they’re less likely to drop-or throw-it. For older bridesmaids a bouquet may be more suitable.
•    Groom button hole and other button holes.
•    Centre pieces for your dinner tables.
•    Thank you gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and anyone who has contributed to the wedding.

10 popular wedding flowers:
Roses: Considered the most romantic of flowers it’s no surprise this is one of the most popular choices for wedding flowers. Available in a range of different colours, elegant, beautiful and sweetly fragranced, roses couldn’t be more perfect.

Calla Lilies: The Calla Lily is becoming increasing more popular in contemporary, elegant weddings.  Alone or arranged with other flowers, calla lilies are smoothly structured and produce a stunning wedding bouquet.  The traditional pure white is beautiful, however, calla lilies are available in a range of gorgeous colours.

Tulips: Perfect for a spring, or happy and fun wedding. Tulips are also available in a range of colours, and are versatile in that they can be arranged in a number of ways, alone or with other flowers.  

Gerberas: Often the more affordable flower, Gerberas are very popular as a wedding flower, whether arranged alone or with other flowers to produce a vibrant and colourful bouquet, making a big impact. Ideal as centre pieces.

Hydrangeas: Popular for their feel of vintage glamour, Hydrangeas make an ideal wedding flower.  Delicate and fluffy looking, these flowers give an air of purity. Available in many different shades that will perfectly compliment  the season of your wedding.

Orchids: Exotic looking, these delicate and beautifully coloured flowers perfectly suit a draping bouquet.  Orchids are an ideal flower for a sophisticated summer or spring wedding, with the small flowers making a big impact.

Lilies: Perhaps the most beautifully fragranced flower, Lilies are becoming increasingly more popular as wedding flowers.  These large, sophisticated flowers come in a variety of shades and tones you’re guaranteed to find one to match your colour scheme. If your wedding is very ‘showy’ these are the flowers for you.

Peonies: This layered, beautiful, taffeta-like flower is a beautiful addition to your wedding flower arrangements.  Standing out yet perfectly blending with other flowers.
Stephanotis: Stephanotis means ‘marital happiness’.  These gorgeous star shaped flowers are divine.  Pure white and elegant, they are beautifully perfumed and are considered a traditional wedding flower.

Lily of the Valley: The Lily of the Valley is a beautiful flower to have in your wedding, it is stunning, but is limited in its available therefore meaning it’s more expensive. This wedding flower was used by both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana.

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