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What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say About You

Posted on 17/07/2020

The Meaning Behind Your Chosen Wedding Flowers

Wedding FlowersCongratulations on your upcoming nuptials! This is a most magical time when you will be busy preparing the venue, choosing the food and décor and of course, deciding which flowers you want at your Big Day. If you are intrigued by what your wedding flowers say about reading our guide to the meanings behind your choices and how your blooms reflect your personality and what kind of bride you are going to be. Flowers have been attributed meanings for many thousands of years with ancient Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, and many other civilisations associating different emotions and fortunes with assorted blooms. During Victorian times, the English began to establish meanings of their own for individual flowers which led to brides being very careful about which flowers they chose for their ceremony.


A traditional bloom that many brides choose for their bouquet, the rose will always be a popular wedding flower. The bride who chooses roses is romantic and enjoys the traditional aspects of weddings. Roses symbolise romantic love, especially red roses and these are traditionally gifted by those who you want to declare their undying love for their partner. The popularity of roses can be attributed to their sweet fragrance and delightful appearance. Roses also have lucrative significance historically as they were seen as a sacred flower in Ancient Egypt, and were offered to the Goddess Isis in the hope she would bless the giver with good fortune.


Couples who choose daisies for their wedding celebrations portray a happy innocence and are likely to be young or young at heart. Daisies are also said to symbolise pure love, which is the perfect sentiment to enjoy at a wedding. Those who select daisies for their bouquet are likely to be laid-back and less concerned with everything going to plan on their wedding day. Daisy-lovers want guests to enjoy every moment of their day and are simply delighted to be marrying the loves of their lives.

Lily of the Valley

These flowers are an elegant choice which symbolise purity, loyalty and refined beauty. Brides who enjoy feeling regal will be drawn to these flowers, especially as these were included in the bouquet of Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. These delicate flowers are extremely pretty and look adorable nestled among other more robust flowers in a bridal bouquet and centrepieces.

Sweet Pea

Brides who want sweet pea flowers in their bouquet are likely to be delicate of nature and down-to-earth. The sweet pea is often chosen for rustic weddings and outdoor ceremonies. The flower is said to show happiness and gratitude, so this bride will be positively bubbling with happiness on her wedding day.


Bridal FlowersThe simple daffodil is actually on trend this season which could mean that couples choosing this flower-like to fashionable in everything they do. Alternatively, daffodil loving couples may just enjoy the simple things in life and be keen to reflect their love of all things unmaterialistic. Daffodils symbolise new beginnings and are therefore a great flower to include on your wedding day.


These fun, bright flowers are elegant yet cheerful which suggests a creative couple have chosen these blooms as their favoured floral wedding décor. The flowers are also said to show strength, change and dignity and could, therefore, be a reflection of a contemporary couple that avoid traditional relationship roles. In addition to being a modern choice, the dahlia is also believed to reveal strong spiritual or religious beliefs in the person that holds them.

Selecting your wedding flowers is an important part of the preparations and our revelations about meanings and reflections are certain to provide some inspiration.

Yvonne Glover
Yvonne Glover

As both an expert florist and manager, Yvonne excels in creating the ideal bouquet for any occasion. Her reliability and attention to detail are indicative of her significant experience in the florist industry.