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Apology Flowers: Which Flowers Are Best To Say Sorry?

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Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to express that you are sorry, especially if you aren’t usually an expressive type of person. Sending flower arrangements to a friend or relative who deserves an apology is a thoughtful way to say how you feel and will let them know that you wish to make amends. If you need help deciding which flower bouquets are best to say sorry, take a look at our flower delivery suggestions. Saying sorry with flowers is easy when you know-how.

Why Send Flowers When You Want to Say I’m Sorry?

There are many ways to apologise, but when someone is reluctant to see you in person, sometimes the only way to say sorry is by sending a gift or a message via delivery. Rather than simply send a note, if you are finding it difficult to put into words how you feel, say it with flowers. When someone receives flowers, they are often surprised and also delighted that someone has taken the time and effort to organise a delivery of fresh flowers. You want to make the person you have wronged feel special, and a bouquet of carefully chosen blooms will do precisely that.

The Big Gesture

Should you want to make a huge gesture when having flowers delivered to say sorry a bouquet of roses is a perfect choice. If you are apologising to your partner, red roses symbolise deep and passionate love, and the message is clear as soon as the flowers are received. If you are apologising to a friend or relative, yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and are therefore a good choice. A mixed bouquet of roses in pastel shades can convey a message of humility.

A Sincere Apology

Lilies are traditionally thought of as the ideal flower with which to apologise as they symbolise sincerity. These beautifully scented flowers are elegant and sophisticated and convey just how much you wish to apologise. Lilies also symbolise humility and devotion, and so you may want to send these blooms when you need to apologise to your romantic partner. Florists recommend sending pastel shades and white lilies to partners as these are considered romantic as well as sincere.

spring flowers onlineTulips for Peace

Another pretty flower that is considered a fantastic apology flower is the tulip. It is said that tulips represent peace, new beginnings, and forgiveness. Who could resist an apology in the form of colourful tulips? Delivery of these beautiful blooms will certainly give your friend pause for thought and will show just how much you value your friendship.

Saying Sorry to a Man

Many men are not used to receiving flowers and will, therefore, be very surprised to receive an apology in the form of a bouquet. As the occasion will be rare, the flowers will make even more of an impact and will make the recipient begin to understand how important they are to you. Many florists recommend sending orchids to a man when you want to apologise as they have masculine connotations. Orchids represent strength, virility and uniqueness, and your man will certainly be happy to receive such beautiful flowers.

Add a Little Something Extra

It is always lovely to receive a note with flowers and a short apology attached to a bouquet will go a long way. Think about what it is you really want to express and put it in the simplest terms. There is no need for extravagant language when you are sending a beautiful bouquet as an apology.

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