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All about White Hibiscus

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The white hibiscus is a beautiful flower which can truly take your breath away. It’s a perennial flower which is often used for decorative purposes, as well as for its healing power. The white hibiscus is native to Southern China, but its exact origin is still unknown. The white hibiscus has been cultivated in the Pacific islands and Japan and nowadays it’s available all over the world, favored for its exotic nature and exquisite appeal.

If you choose to grow the white hibiscus, you need to ensure that the flowers will get a direct sun exposure for a few hours a day. If you provide the proper conditions for the hibiscus in your garden it will easily grow up to twelve inches high. The soil for the white hibiscus should be loamy, acidic, neither too heavy, nor too fine. Loose soil with a good amount of potassium is the perfect one. The white hibiscus has green leaves which are long and ovate, forming a spiral shape. The flowers are in bloom from late June to early August. When planting the white hibiscus make sure that the soil is well-drained and you provide enough fertilizer. The species of hibiscus are over two hundred. The white type comes in a few varieties which can be grown in gardens or indoors.

The white hibiscus is a symbol of fertilization and purity. It is a flower which says “seize the opportunity”. Its delicate beauty makes it a preferred flower for weddings and other formal events. The white hibiscus is used for arrangements for both weddings and funerals, because of its versatile nature and mixed symbolism. With its serene and divine look, this plant can express innocence, new beginning (for weddings) and sorrow and grief (for funerals).

When it comes to arrangements with white hibiscus, a popular choice for weddings is the mixture of the traditional white and the blue element. Other spectacularly beautiful combinations are made with flowers in pale pink, lavender and peachy orange. If you want a daring and dazzling wedding decoration, mix white hibiscus with flowers in deep purple, bright red and glowing yellow. The result will be truly stunning and eye-catching. Round and cascade bouquets of white hibiscus are often used at weddings. Since the guests vividly remember only a few elements of the weddings they go to, the flower arrangements have to truly stand out, but in a tasteful and classic way. Mixed with Stargazer lilies, the white hibiscus looks magnificent. With a few ribbons and some pretty flower fillers, the arrangements will grab everyone’s attention. White hibiscus can also be used for decorating graduations, proms, birthday parties, cocktails, banquets, business meetings, engagement parties and anniversaries.

When you plant hibiscus, mind the climate as it affects its growth considerably. The perfect spot is a sunny one and you also need to ensure that the flowers are not overwatered. White hibiscus creates beautiful flowerbeds and corners in a garden. Use different colours for a multicolored beauty. As a cut flower the white hibiscus should be kept in clean and fresh water and the stems should be cut every day. The white hibiscus is a beautiful flower for your home and your garden. Its divine petals show great taste and make every occasion a little bit more elegant and sophisticated.

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