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Add Splendour To Your Bridal Bouquet With Orchids

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One’s wedding day is inevitably one of the most special and memorable days of our lives. It goes without saying that you will want to do everything you possibly can to make the day as extraordinary and magical as possible. For any bride-to-be there are hundreds of tasks to attend to, and along with the wedding outfit, the bridal bouquet is one of the most important things to plan perfectly.

One of the reasons so many brides choose to use orchids for their bridal bouquets is that these flowers are unique and considered exotic the world over, so it stands to reason that you would want to make your day memorable with special flowers.

Orchids are strikingly beautiful, sensual and captivating flowers: they are instantly recognisable yet there is a sense of some dreamlike quality about them. While a lot of other flowers look very pretty in bridal bouquets, orchids have an unmatched style that just cannot be beat! So, if you are looking to make an impression on your wedding day, orchids are the way to go.

The bridal bouquet is not just an accessory to compliment your bridal gown; it is steeped in tradition and meaning too! And regardless of the different cultural sentiments and practices, every bride’s bouquet needs to be a mixture of sentiment, symbolism and style.

The first thing you should do is set a budget. Orchids are usually more expensive than other, more readily available, flower varieties. If you’ve chosen orchids for your bridal bouquet, you probably already know you are going to be spending more than you would on other blooms. Nonetheless, fixing a budget is important because it will determine other factors, such as how many blooms you want in the bouquet, or which type of orchid you’d like, or what colours you will be choosing and so on.

The next thing to do is to pick a colour, or a colour scheme. Many brides pick an all-white orchid bouquet because the flowers match just about every dress, and they are also a lovely way to incorporate traditional white flowers into your bouquet. White orchids are elegant and timeless and sure to add grace to the occasion. If you’d like some more colour, you can choose from so many options! Some standard colours such as shades of pink will be easily available, while more unusual colours can be made available to you on order.

Decide how many blooms you would like to include in your bridal bouquet. If you want a simplistic and elegant bouquet, choose a smaller bunch. However, if you want to go the extravagant route and would like a full, striking bouquet, you can choose twenty, thirty blooms or more! It comes down to how much you can spend and how heavy a bouquet you’re willing to carry!

When you have decided to use orchids as your bridal flower, you won’t need to add any other flowers to the bouquet. Orchids speak for themselves, but if you would still like to add other flowers, use blooms that are smaller and compliment the orchids, instead of competing with them. You should use subtle, smaller flowers that add more depth to the bouquet and help tie-in the different colours or shades of the bouquet together.

The beauty of orchids as a bridal flower option stems from the fact that they are the perfect mixture of simplicity and lavishness. They are quietly graceful, yet the perfect flowers for making a statement. Also, a practical benefit of picking orchids is that they wear well, which means that while other flowers might wilt or dry out during the day, orchids will retain their shape and freshness all through the day, and possibly more.

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