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A Guide to Flower Arranging at Home

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Florists and department stores offer a variety of beautiful flower bunches or bouquets which require little to no effort on our part (apart from the maintenance). However, these can work out expensive and may not be perfect to suit our likes, needs or occasions. Additionally, sometimes doing something on your own from scratch can make that particular thing seem so much more special and valued. The best thing about doing it yourself is that you can do exactly what you like and what you want, meaning that it is perfectly suited to you. The same principle applies to flower arranging.

Florists will arrange flowers in the most beautiful way possible, but sometimes that is just not what you are after. Florists like to have a little control and will often arrange flowers in the way that they think is best. This may not be the way that you wish to have them arranged, and this can cause a feeling of dissatisfaction, especially since you will be paying for something that you do not like. Therefore, purchasing and arranging the flowers yourself can be very advantageous to you, especially if you passionate about flowers and are an imaginative person.

When choosing flowers, make sure that you pick your favourites. However, you also need to make sure that the shapes and colours of your chosen flowers mix well with one another. You also need to decide whether you will be using short stemmed flowers, long stemmed flowers or a combination of the two. Do you wish to add any greenery to your arrangement? These are all things worth thinking about when you pick out your flowers.

Next you need to decide how you are going to store them. Many decide to use a glass jar if they do not have a vase at hand, but this will compromise the overall appearance of your arrangement. If you are buying a new vase, you need to ensure that the vase will accommodate your flowers without squashing them together. The vase also needs to be tall enough to provide enough support to your flowers in order to keep them in an upright position. A general rule to follow is that the vase should be no bigger or taller than half the size of the total arrangement. Bear in mind the few centimetres or inches that will be lost when you re-cut the stems of your flowers for freshness.

Once you have your flowers and the perfect vase you can start arranging. Before doing so cut each stem at the bottom at a forty five degree angle to allow more water intake. Next, your vase should be filled between one and two thirds of the way. Ensure that you fill it with warm water. If you have plant or flower food, add it according to the guidelines on the packet. Finally, add your flowers and arrange according to taste.

If the flowers appear too bunched up, you should cut them so that they vary in size. As you place more and more flowers into the vase, the arrangement should start to come to life, and flowers will start taking their position.

When all the flowers are added to the vase, take a look from far away to see that you are happy with it. Make any changes if you feel that they need to be made.
Pick the perfect location for your flowers. Somewhere light and airy is best. Keeping them on window sills or tables is also advisable.

Once you are done, move back and enjoy the view!

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