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5 Tips to Help Your Houseplants Survive This Winter

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As those that celebrate birthdays or anniversaries in winter will know, sending flowers is one of the best gifts you can be given. Flowers brighten up the dark winter months and bring a natural vibrancy to a home during a potentially gloomy season. After receiving such flower arrangements, you will want to keep them looking fantastic for longer, and these five tips will help. Discover how to help your houseplants and flowers survive this winter and enjoy your flower bouquets for longer.

beautiful flower arrangementsPurchase flowers from a reputable flower shop

Whether the flower bouquets or potted house plants have been bought online or via one of your high street florists, it is important to know that they have been selected carefully. A reputable florist will choose fresh flowers and will keep them in the appropriate condition until the customer is ready to go home with them or have them delivered. They are also more likely to provide customers with some flower preservative powder or liquid and will prepare them for delivery or the journey home with you. You can find trusted online flower stores by reading reviews from customers or by checking their rating online. You may also find online reviews for high street flower stores, and it is well worth checking them out before you venture to the store.

Prepare the flowers as soon as they arrive home

When flower bouquets are transported via courier or by post, they will have been safely wrapped up against the elements. When you transport them by yourself, you may have already exposed them to the cold winter weather or the heating inside your car. Having flowers delivered by a reliable florist is always the wisest option. However your blooms have arrived at your home, it is important to get them into the water as soon as possible. Potted plants will be simpler to do, and you should administer the correct amount of water as specified for the individual plant. Freshly cut flowers should be trimmed of any leaves that may be submerged in water. You should cut at least two inches from the bottom of the stems, and cut them on a diagonal. Cutting them in this fashion gives a larger surface area for absorption of water. Place the flowers in at least five inches of room-temperature water that has been mixed with your home-made preservative.

Make your own preservative

If your flowers have not come with flower preservative, don’t panic. Simply mix three tablespoons of sugar with two tablespoons of white vinegar per litre of warm water. Allow the sugar to dissolve before use. Potted plants will not need this kind of attention unless specified as the soil will provide the nutrients needed.

Keep away from heat and direct sunlight

Keeping your plants and flowers out of sunlight may be easier during the winter months, but you will still need to be aware on bright days. It is best to steer clear of windowsills as not only does this put your plant in direct sunlight, but it can also mean they are over a radiator. The heat will diminish the lifespan of your flowers, so keep them away from radiators and electric heaters. This is particularly difficult in winter as British weather means you will almost certainly have the heating on for several hours a day.

Keep away from drafts

Try to keep your flowers in the coolest part of your home yet away from any breezes that could blow the petals away. Not only will breezes and drafts cause your flowers to lose petals, but it could also dehydrate your beautiful flowers.

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